I like it

I like it

… a new language school with an original English name with the guarantee of an all Italian holiday…

The splendid setting to this project is Sardinia: an open air museum and minicontinent at the heart of the western Mediterranean. An ancient island, rich in history and tradition, it is the perfect place to spend a dream holiday, amongst enchanting beaches of the finest white sand and crystalline seas.

With I like it learning Italian means getting to know and love “the other Sardinia”: an inland Sardinia protected by the peaks of the Gennargentu mountains and preserved in the thousand year old traditions of its people.

I like it is a perfect opportunity to combine language study with relaxation, enjoying the Sardinian beaches and discovering its wonderful scenery…and why not, taste the simple and genuine flavours of its traditional cooking.

I like it was born with the idea of providing experienced, mother tongue teachers, all with degrees and qualified to teach the Italian lang and culture.