Italian culture

Italian culture

The learning of a language cannot take place without the knowledge of its culture in that every language is the expression of a cultural entity. To this end the seminars on Italian culture are particularly interesting, giving in depth knowledge on characteristic aspects of the language and culture of our country, whilst offering an insight into the history, geography, literature, art, cinema, theatre, music and current affairs in Italy.

The course is organized in daily seminars of 3 hours.

Cost of participation to:
  • 1 seminar 45,00 €
  • 3 seminars 125,00 €
  • 5 seminars 210,00 €
  • 8 seminars 330,00 €
  • 10 seminars 405,00 €

There is a price reduction for anyone who has attended a standard course. For further information contact us via e-mail.

The seminars will take place only with a minimum of 3 participants.