Special courses

shoppingWalking and talking with "I like it"

Learn italian outdoors, Why not combine an italian language course with walking? For all foreigners interested in learining italian by walking, we offer a special course "Walking and talking with I like it".

This course gives the students the opportunity to better know the town of Olbia practicing the italian language by means of everyday life, at the bar, at the market, in the shops and all around the city center.

The first part of the lesson, about an hour, takes place in a classroom, where the teacher introduces the vocabulary words and the expression that will be used during the walk around the city.

The school organizes different types of outputs, but upon request, the daily program can be changed according to the personal interests and needs of the students.
The outputs:

  • At the market
  • In the typical shops
  • Visit to the archaeological museum
  • Visit to some craftsmen

The course lasts 9 hours, 3 meeting a week, the cost is 100 euro per person. The minimum number of participants required is 2.

Eating and speaking

This is a specific course for all foreigners who want to become acquainted with italian cooking, well-known eating habits, regional traditions and above all the specialties which make italian cuisine popular worldwide.

The first two meetings take place in a classroom. The teacher introduces general vocabulary words and common gastronomic expressions through communicative situations. The students will become familiar with italian and sardinian typical recipes, making a cross-cultural comparison.

The weekly course lasts 10 hours:

2 meetings, three hours each, at school

1 practical meeting, four hours, at a cookery expert's house

Students actively participate in preparing a menu and at the end of each meeting will enjoy the dishes which they themselves have created.

The cost is 165 euro per person, dinner included.

The minimum number of participants required is 2.