1. Registration fee and terms of payment
To confirm the registration, students have to pay by bank transfer  a prepayment of EUR 100,00 of the chosen course.

Please send to the school office the receipt of payment by e-mail to: info AT Payment in full can either be made before arrival or on the first day of the course. Payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer. Bank charges are paid by the student. Credit cards are not accepted. Bank transfers have to be carried out in favour of:


IBAN: IT49P0617584984000000334280

Description of payment has to be specified, indicating name, surname and period of the course.

2. Course of Italian language and culture
Lessons take place from Monday to Friday. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes. Group courses are usually held in the morning, occasionally in the afternoon. The timetable of the individual lessons is agreed with the students, however, the final decision belongs to the school. The school notes 6 levels. Attending a four week course does not guarantee progress to the next level. The maximum number of students per class is 8 students.

3. Courses with less than three students
The number of scheduled hours (only for General Italian courses) may suffer from a fall if there were less than three members. In the specific:

Standard course
With 2 students, the hours are reduced from 20 to 15 a week.

Semi-standard course
With 2 students, the hours are reduced from 12 to 9 a week.

 The option one student in class is not available.

4. Holidays
The school closes during National Holidays which are: January 1, January 6, Easter Monday, April 25, May 1, May 15 (Patron Saint of Olbia), June 2, August 15, November 1, December 8, December 25-26. The lessons missed will not be recuperated.

5. Cancellations and Refunds
The school must be immediately informed (in writing) of any change, for refunds or cancellations.

For cancellations made 20 days before starting the course, the school refunds entirely the 20% paid in advance. Whilst, the registration fee will not be refunded but will be considered valid as entry fee for any course in following 12 months.

For cancellations with less than 20 days notice, the 20% paid in advance will not be refunded. Whilst, the registration fee will be considered valid as entry fee for any course in following 12 months.

In case of cancellations made during the course, or in case of early departure, the school will not refund any money.

5a. Missed lessons
It's possible to recover 10% of the scheduled hours from the course, if you communicate the absense of the school at least 24 hours before.

6. Insurance
All students must have their own health insurance.
Students from European Community with a European Medical Card or an E111-form (or similar), can have free medical care.
All other students should be informed about the rules laid down by the Italian Government, available in all the Italian Embassies in the world.

The school declines all responsibility about any damage to people or things occurred during the stay, during the lessons, both within that outside the school, during extracurricular activities, or in any form of accommodation chosen.