Why a school in Olbia?

... I like it!Olbia I like it
The city of Olbia and its gulf form a natural gateway to northern Sardinia, creating a splendid outlook over its beautiful landscapes as it leads from the sea, along the coastlines and into the central heartland of the Region. It's an ideal starting point from which to admire the famous granite rocks of “Gallura” and the beautiful islands of the “Archipelago of La Maddalena”, “Tavolara” and “Molara”, embedded in the sea….continuing with a stroll among ancient oak woods, vineyard of Vermentino and native “stazzi” …coming back to the typical Mediterranean flora of myrtle and juniper which grow even as far as the beaches.

Thanks to its formidable position, Olbia has, during the last ten years, undergone constant growth and development. The tourist sector, along with the local economy, continues to attract people of various backgrounds, creating an interesting multicultural reality in Sardinia. Besides this the city which is known world wide as a main access point to the “Costa Smeralda”, also thanks to the port and the international airport, is developing into a modern and lively place. The street of the historical centre with their restaurants, bars and clubs create bustling atmosphere which is even more lively in the summer months.